The Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia (FSAA) has been a key player in the industry since 2005, evolving from the former Australian Foodservice Manufacturer’s Association (AFMA) with a rich history of over 40 years. As the leading national organisation, the FSAA proudly represents a diverse range of suppliers in the Australia foodservice industry. Our members specialise in various channels, including:
Dedicated to fostering growth and success for our members, the FSAA focuses on networking, education and professional development opportunities. We offer a comprehensive suite of exclusive members services, such as foodservice specific sales training, recruitment, mentoring, data provision, consulting and legislative advice.
By providing engaging activities and innovative initiatives, the FSAA aims to enhance the overall experience of the foodservice industry for our members. Explore our website to discover the numerous “industry firsts’ we’ve introduced and learn how we continue to develop relevant benefits to our members.

“The FSAA is focussed on professional development of Members in the Foodservice industry”

“We are committed to the professional and personal betterment of all suppliers to the Foodservice industry in Australia”

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