The end of JobKeeper. What is means for our Foodservice Industry

26th February 2021

Those sectors hardest hit by COVID and the subsequent restrictions have been heavily reliant on the JobKeeper subsidy.  The forward-facing industries – cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, arts, accommodation – that have been retrained by social distancing rules and lockdowns, are now facing the end of support from the Government.  This is in spite of continued disruption to industry and social distancing rules.

CEO of Australian Hotels Association (AHA), Stephen Ferguson is pressing for continued support. He says “It is clear the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs, plus areas like Far North Queensland are still suffering – as well as other small pockets from time-to-time. At the same time, it is also clear other areas are booming, for example, the regional wine regions in close proximity to CBDs.”

With reports that jobs in the accommodation and foodservice industry fell 11.2% from February to November 2020 and 31.4% of jobs were lost from February to May, many of the industry bodies and unions are urging the Government to consider an alternative to JobKeeper for those businesses whose livelihoods have relied on the lifeline of JobKeeper.

To read the full article on who will be most affected, head to the article in Drinks Trade

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