Best Practice 2021 Training Program

8th January 2021

The FSAA, in conjunction with a leading service provider, has developed a FOUR module program, specifically for the Australian foodservice market. This initiative is in line with our drive to offer programs that will enhance the skills of sales and marketing professionals in dealing with today’s competitive business environment.

The modules are to be conducted in both Sydney & Melbourne in a face-to-face mode. Each module is a full-day program with the optimum benefit being attained by attending all three as they compliment each other. There is no obligation to participate in all 3 modules – they can also be done as individual programs.

We are also thrilled to announce that they are also now available in an “on-line” format from 2021! Tailored to Australian foodservice conditions, they are ideal for any level of sales and marketing professional from the manufacturer, distributor or broker, whether they are in the food, distributor, commercial equipment or tableware channels.

For information on dates and more details, download the PDF here


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