A Note from the CEO

A trying year for our industry

This year has certainly been a trying one for everyone in the world and those especially hard-hit in the foodservice industry. Here in Australia we are living in a world of uncertainty of the future, locked borders and genuine concern for all people involved in the supply chain.

The tourism and hospitality channels are especially suffering with figures ranging from 20%-40% loss of businesses, not including the impact of almost no air travel. Recent news from Singapore states that air traffic movements are down ~98% compared to pre-COVID-19 figures. There are also comments that it could take until 2025 to return to the pre-COVID numbers.

Other impacts include the “way we do business” such as redesigning the internal policies and procedures that have been part of our business life for many years. Things such as the explosion of Zoom meetings will change forever the way we communicate both internally and externally, and that is just one example!

About six years ago, after returning from my first IFMA conference in the U.S., we reported that suppliers to the foodservice industry would need to have a very close look at their “E commerce” position and to develop that area as a priority. This is even more of an imperative in today’s environment.

The question of JobKeeper

A serious question to be asked and considered is “what happens when Jobkeeper is removed?” whenever that might occur. The feedback I receive is not particularly encouraging.

Recent moves from major retail grocery players into our foodservice market will clearly impact the structure of our industry – to what degree remains to be seen. This has been discussed over many years now and is likely to drive changes that will impact the entire industry.

Looking ahead

The FSAA has had to effectively cancel all of our activities for 2020 but we are hopeful of returning to full speed in 2021 – depending on the situation. We encourage you to keep in touch via our communication offerings such as our social media platforms (Facebook and Linkedin), our quarterly newsletter “Snippets”, this our Insights page on our web site and a new addition from November called “What’s the Buzz”?

Please feel free to contact us if you wish on any topic – we will try to answer to the best of our ability.

We wish you all the best.


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