Management Mentoring Program



The purpose of the FSAA Management Mentoring Program (MMP) is to provide a member-exclusive service where senior industry leaders partake in a program to help guide and advise middle managers within the industry in the disciplines of leadership and what it takes to understand the varied skills, knowledge and experience to achieve that position via knowledge sharing.

Objectives and Outcome Desired

  • Attract and retain talent in the sales, marketing and general business disciplines within the Foodservice channel
  • Use the skills, knowledge and experience of senior industry leaders to assist in career development of their mentees
  • Provide a direction for mentees to resolve their own issues, not have the mentor do their work for them
  • Encourage mentees to "stretch" and challenge themselves in a business sense
  • Establish specific areas that will be relevant to the participants within sales and marketing
  • Establish a measurement system that reflects the success or otherwise of individual programs
  • Establish a feedback mechanism for participants showing outcomes as seen by each other, and the overall program (including ways to improve the MMP)
  • Deliver confidence to both mentor and mentee to discuss those areas that may be of concern, in an environment of mutual trust and confidentiality
  • Provide a further service that enhances the credibility of the FSAA to the Foodservice industry
  • Position the program to be seen within the industry as a significant opportunity and reward for aspiring leaders

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