FSAA Hall of Fame Alumni

Bill Stoddart

Peter LucasInducted 2013
Bill Stoddart began his career as a sales representative for Comalco after completing a Bachelor of Engineering at The University of Queensland. He joined the team at Tom Stoddart Pty Ltd (trading as Stoddart Manufacturing) in 1967 and has been a director of the company since 1980. He is currently Managing Director and is responsible for management of a diverse manufacturing and distribution business which employs over 370 people around Australia. under Bill's directorship the company has grown to become one of Australia's market leaders in the manufacture and distribution of foodservice equipment.

Bill has also held a number of industry and Government appointments including: founding board members of the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association; Chairman of the National Industry Skills Council; and board member of the Australian National Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers, the Queensland Manufacturing Leaders Group and Skillstech Australia.